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Open recruitment and skills bootcamp

Updated: Mar 2

Early morning on Sunday, February 4 we headed to Skateworld for our Open Recruitment and Skills Bootcamp. We hold two of these a year to welcome any new recruits and help them start their journey into roller derby. Bootcamps are open to anyone interested in skating, officiating, announcing, medics, and general volunteering.

We had a great turnout with about 20 new recruits. They came to the rink and after making sure they filled out all the paperwork we got them outfitted with safety gear. Mouthguard, helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards and knee pads are required.

Tampa Tantrums skaters and TRD officials pose on the rink with report JJ Burton.
Tampa Tantrums skaters and TRD officials pose for a photo on the rink with report JJ Burton.

When everyone was ready they jumped onto the skate floor for a short warm up with Slamwich, head of our Quad Killer (new skaters) program. Rolling is a lot easier when your body is warm, so they did a couple laps, stretched and tried to stay upright.

Our Tampa Tantrums gave them a short demonstration of skills they'd be learning for the day, proper skating form, stopping, crossing over, and toe stop work. Then it was their turn, they broke into groups and worked on skills at five different stations under guidance from a Tantrum. They were able to ask questions and get on- skates experience. They ended the bootcamp by de-gearing and getting a short presentation from our Head Officials about all the ways to be involved with TRD beyond skating.

ABC Action News reporter JJ Burton on camera from the skate rink wearing a helmet and safety gear
ABC Action News reporter JJ Burton stopped by TRD's home rink Skate World during the first day of open recruitment to learn about all the skating and non-skating opportunities within the league.

We were lucky enough to be featured on ABC Action News at 8am. Reporter JJ Burton put on all the safety gear along with skates and interviewed TRD President Red Stiletto and QK Leader Slamwich about bootcamp and the league. After the 8am broadcast JJ stayed and recorded some of the bootcamp and put together a report for the 6pm news. Watch the clip here. Fox 13 also showed up and gave us some air time in their 6pm news.

Tampa Roller Derby values diversity and inclusivity. We welcome members of all genders, body types, and orientations. Whether you're a seasoned skater or stepping onto the rink for the first time, there's a place for you at TRD!

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