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2024 Draft Party

Every single TRD skater, of all different skill levels and genders, gets the opportunity to play together during our home games. These truly mixed teams allow for valuable learning while on the track together, and are where we get to have some of the most fun during the derby season. To keep things fresh for everyone, TRD facilitates a full redraft of our home teams every two years — 2024 was one such year! Our three home teams this year are the Cigar City Mafia, the Black Widows, and the Switchblade Sisters.

A group of skaters gathered for a photo wearing red sashes.

To get ready for our first home team game of the season (happening this weekend!) we threw a draft party on March 29 with live music and lots of delicious food and drinks — courtesy of the cozy yet spacious venue, New World Brewery. The good times didn’t stop there! Our partners, Skater’s Choice (the best shop for roller skaters of all different kinds in the Tampa Area) and Bont, gifted us a pair of skates to give to a lucky raffle winner. Talented local bands, Kick Veronica, Amateur Taxidermy, and Maily Rock, kept up the energy during intermissions.

If you missed this year’s party, we won’t make you wait until our game to find out who’s on our home teams.

TRD’s Black Widows. Abby Normal, Alli Kat Scratch, Ashton Butcher, Asian Flush, Bashin’ Banshee, Bellatrax LeStrange, Bloodie LeFleur, Break Some Bones, Doomsday Addams, Dyl Pickle, Eartha Hitt, Ham Puddin’, Jinx Noir, Marty McFlyin’, Meat Tornado, Millikin Cookies, Mini Thor, Red Stiletto, Risky Business, Shaka Bomb, Slamwich, Sriracha Cha, and Zorra Ehle.

The new Cigar City Mafia skaters, Krush Groove⁣, AmTastic⁣, Alpha Vixen⁣, Kali Kunjamma⁣, Lily the Kid⁣, Peaches N Screams⁣, Annaconda⁣, Princess Slaya⁣, Slo Mo⁣, S.H. Long⁣, Sweet Torture⁣, LemoNate⁣, SinThia⁣, Goldieblocks⁣, Phoenix⁣, Sis Vicious⁣, Cookie Jarred⁣, Rojo Grande⁣, Eliza VonHurrten⁣, Ann Grr⁣, AuraKill⁣, #smashtag⁣ and, PhDiesel⁣.

TRD’s Switchblade Sisters, Iva Grudge⁣, Inducin’ Pain⁣, Hot Wheels⁣, Pucker Punch⁣, Ooopsie Daisy⁣, Lana Del Slay⁣, Megaladon⁣, Big Ash⁣, Mike Drop⁣, Juicy⁣, Honey Badger⁣, Slash n Dash⁣, Muscle Massacre⁣, Jar of Bees⁣, Disaster Chief⁣, Lawless⁣, Harm’s Way⁣, Evil Apple⁣, Scrap⁣, B.F. Skinya⁣, AnaSlayz Ya⁣, Comet⁣, and Banana Splits.

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